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I decided to try acupuncture in the early part of my pregnancy because I had heard there were benefits to maintaining a pregnancy. I had previously had a miscarriage and wanted to give this pregnancy every chance I could. During my initial consultation Toni allayed any anxieties I had about the efficacy of acupuncture for pregnancy. She gave me sound advice about what acupuncture could be helpful with (i.e. reducing nausea, maintaining a healthy environment for the foetus to thrive etc). I decided that I would rather feel the effects of the nausea (weird, I know!) because I found it reassuring but wanted to ensure the pregnancy continued healthily. She even predicted the gender of my baby accurately!

Toni also told me that acupuncture had evidence to support its use for lowering FSH levels. Being an older mother, I will consider using acupuncture again if we decide to have another child to manage my FSH levels.

I always felt very safe in Toni's hands. I never felt pressured into attending sessions unnecessarily. I would highly recommend using acupuncture with Toni.



Just a note to express my sincere gratitude to you. Not only was treatment successful, but I really enjoyed coming for the sessions and I’ll miss you! Although i’m certain I’ll be back for more in the future hopefully for other conditions though! 

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We had been trying to get pregnant for 4 1/2 years. I had Fertility Acupuncture with Toni for 8 sessions. This was to complement my IVF treatment and it worked! I'm so happy! Toni is professional, friendly and made me feel relaxed from the first session. I would highly recommend Toni at Natural Fertility.



I decided that I would try acupuncture after my last miscarriage when I knew that our next step would be IVF. I'd read about acupuncture on some IVF forums but it wasn't actively promoted by Nurture. I was lucky in finding Toni as no one had recommended her to me but she made me feel positive from day one that she could help. I went to see Toni in July 2013 about a month after my miscarriage. Toni spoke to me about my cycle and went into lots of detail! My cycle was very irregular and that's what they put my infertility down to. Toni made me chart my temperature everyday and I saw her every week. My cycles did become regular even though they were longer than the average but at least they were of similar length. I then started my IVF treatment in Jan 2014 and continued to see Toni throughout my treatment. I had acupuncture before my Egg transfer and the day of my Egg transfer and for a few weeks after. I am now 10 weeks pregnant. Nurture were aware that I was having acupuncture and although they didn't actively promote it they were always very positive about it. If I ever have to go through this journey again I know I'd have acupuncture.



After suffering repeated miscarriages since the birth of my first born I was starting to feel perhaps another child was not possible , especially since I was now in my early forties.

I had heard positive reviews of acupuncture through others in a similar situation and decided I had nothing to loose in pursuing this.

Toni immediately made me feel at ease and explained how acupuncture could help and what areas she would be working on. After following Toni's advice and following her treatment plan I started to see positive changes within four weeks and a few months later I was pleased to fall pregnant once again. I continued with my treatments throughout my pregnancy and found acupuncture was also beneficial in treating all other symptoms of pregnancy.

Each session left me feeling more and more positive all was well. Finally on his due date my long awaited baby son was born. I cannot thank Toni enough for all the care, support and guidance she has shown throughout my treatments.

Toni stayed in touch post pregnancy and when I mentioned I thought my son had colic as he was struggling to bring up his wind, she suggested perhaps Victoria take a look and perform some cranial osteopathy on him. The treatment was so gentle and relaxing, so much so my son slept throughout. Immediately his sleep pattern improved and it was no longer a struggle to bring up his wind. 

I feel fortunate to have come across Natural Fertility Newark and can't thank them enough for what they have done for me and my family



I have been trying to conceive for nearly 2 years. I had severe endometriosis which caused adhesions and an ovarian cyst. Even though the endo was treated, I was unable to conceive. I started my acupuncture sessions with Toni Cooper,she gave me an idea about what was happening with my body using the temp charts. she helped me understand the process of IVF and gave me confidence that acupuncture increases chances. I did feel the sessions were hitting my budget but trust me it was all worth it. When i finished about 4 sessions with Toni, I was surprised and shocked to know that I was pregnant. I can’t thank Toni enough for being such a wonderful acupuncturist. Will definitely recommend you to my friends Toni,



After try to conceive for a year & experiencing pelvic pain & irregular periods I was recommended acupuncture by two friends. Before starting my NHS investigations & treatment for possible endometriosis I started my acupuncture sessions with Toni. She was absolutely fantastic, very thorough & helped to put me at ease whilst complementing my NHS treatment. Within two months of starting my acupuncture sessions I found myself having to cancel an exploratory laparoscopy......apparently you can't have an operation when your pregnant!!!!!!! Couldn't be happier & completely over the moon, couldn't thank Toni enough for all she's done & I will sing from the rooftops how amazing she is & how amazing acupuncture is too!!



We visited Toni after our first IVF cycle failed. We were very worried that our second cycle might also fail so researched everything we could find that might help. Acupuncture was on the list of things to try.

Although my partner was apprehensive we made an appointment to see Toni before our egg collection. She instantly made us feel at ease and was extremely knowledgable about the IVF process. She was able to answer a lot of our concerns about the IVF procedure and symptoms.

Her office is a delightful, quiet space and the treatment is painless. I leave each session feeling relaxed and comfortable.

After a successful egg collection we opted to continue acupuncture throughout the embryo replacement and waiting phase. We are extremely happy to say that have achieved a positive pregnancy and will continue to see Toni over the next 9 months



I decided to have acupuncture alongside my last IVF cycle for several reasons. It was my 6th cycle and for emotional and financial reasons we had decided it had to be the last, I therefore wanted to feel I had given it everything. Although, I'd managed to conceive one child through IVF, I was still concerned that I'd had 4 failed cycles even with high grade embryos and that made me worry I had implantation issues. Also my pretreatment tests were not great and combined with my age (39) there was real concern I wouldn't respond to the stimulation drugs.

I saw Toni once a week starting shortly before down regulation began all the way up to taking a pregnancy test. She was incredibly knowledgable about the whole process so I always felt the treatment she was giving me was right for the stage I was at. I feel the acupuncture helped me to respond well to each part of the IVF cycle especially supporting the stimulation and implantation stage. It was great to have someone to talk to about my treatment as things didn't always go to plan and I always felt more positive and relaxed after a session.

I am incredibly blessed as my cycle worked and I'm currently 16 weeks pregnant. It was a very stressful time with so much riding on it, but having acupuncture seemed beneficial especially in terms of getting my mind and body in the best place possible to support the treatment.



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Victoria Watts Osteopath

I have been suffering from severe pain for some time after 1 shockwave treatment my pain is considerably less I would definitely recommend 

RB Newark

I would recommend anyone to send an e mail and go and have a try! Fantastic family business who go the extra mile 

RS Newark

Victoria Has helped me immensely with advice, treatment, support and understanding. They are both very personal, professional and empathetic 

DB Newark 

I booked in for osteopathy treatment with Victoria as I have been having a few skeletal problems with my shoulders (my shoulders are a bit hunched at times and neck can be rather tight). I felt the benefit straight away as Victoria was gently manipulating my skeletal system and massaging muscles- I have had osteopathy before but this treatment was the best one so far- as it has really loosened up my upper back, neck and shoulders. I can really feel the difference and will be booking another treatment with Victoria as a follow up and then some maintenance sessions.



Victoria became my osteopath approx 18 month- 2 years ago.  At the time I was suffering from back problems that the NHS and Physio had failed to help.  After my first session the relief that I felt was fantastic and within approx 6 weeks my back was in better shape than it had ever been. In addition Victoria helped me through the minefield of occupational health so that my working environment compliment the work that she had started.  I now only see Victoria when I have a problem with various problems created by long distance travel or sports injuries.  Victoria has become my go to person and I have even managed to persuade my husband to go for treatment, we have never looked back. Victoria is a total professional and I have recommended her to several of my friends. Go on what have you got to lose, give her a call.

Mrs H


My neck felt/ feels brilliant - I kept wobbling it about as I drove home because I couldn't believe how loose it felt - must've looked very odd! My sleeping has also improved considerably - wow

H, C


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