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A brief history of Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a form of Chinese medicine whose roots date back around 2000 years, treatment diagnosis is based on traditional Chinese methods of viewing the body as a whole and recognising signs and symptoms which give the practitioner a detailed understanding of what is happening internally within the body.

Treatments are based on the principles of Yin, Yang, Qi (energy movement), blood and the organ systems.


Acupuncture Treatment

During your first treatment a detailed case history will be taken about your general health, diet, lifestyle, a detailed history of your menstrual cycle and any treatments you have had so far. If you have any blood test results or previous body temperature charts these can be brought with you.

After this a tongue and pulse diagnosis will be done, I will then discuss what I think is going on from a Chinese medicine perspective, I will try to keep this in as much plain English as possible, then treatment will begin.

The treatments are tailored specifically to you, and where you may be in your cycle and current fertility treatment.


The needles are single use sterile needles which are pretty much painless when inserted.


Female Fertility

Explained Infertility

There are many reasons for conception to be taking longer than expected, this could be due to:

•irregular menstruation, heavy or very light blood flow

•problems during the luteal phase of your cycle - low progesterone

•ovulation not occurring regularly 

•endometriosis, PCOS, or hormonal imbalances, high FSH levels

•blocked fallopian tubes

You would normally have a diagnosis when coming for acupuncture treatment and possibly already having some form of fertility treatment through a fertility clinic.

If you already have a diagnosis then some form of fertility treatment will have been recommended by your specialist, in this instance acupuncture can help support you through your recommended treatment, ensuring that your body is as prepared as it can be to go through treatment and then be ready for pregnancy.

Unexplained Infertility

Ok so you have had every blood test going, everything looks normal, you are having regular periods and you are ovulating, so why isn’t conception happening? You will have been recommended to start IVF, but you aren’t ready to do that just yet and would like to explore other areas of treatment.

This is where acupuncture can step in, I will ask you a lot of detailed questions regarding your cycle, and general health, I will also ask you to keep a Basal Body Temperature (BBT) chart so that we can track your cycle and identify any areas that may be causing a problem.

We will look at regulating the body, and your menstrual cycle, identify any dietary changes that may need to be done to maximize your chances at conceiving.

The effects of acupuncture treatment can usually take around 3-6 months, however you can usually start to notice changes in your BBT charts indicating that treatment is working.

For information on female fertility from the British Acupuncture Council please click here.


Male Fertility

Male infertility is on the increase, sperm counts are getting lower, sperm analysis results have been set to recognise this, the pass rate for acceptable normal sperm is just now only 4%, with 96% abnormal showing on the results. 

This means that it could be taking a while for you to get pregnant because the amount of good sperm available is quite low.

Male fertility is less complicated than female fertility and usually involves

•low sperm count

•poor motility

•abnormalities with the sperm itself

These could be related to medical or lifestyle factors such stress, poor diet, and lack of exercise, acupuncture treatments will take into account a detailed medical history and treat according to what is found by the practitioner, I may also advise some lifestyle changes.

If there is a very poor motility and quality of sperm, acupuncture can be used alongside whatever fertility treatment your clinic has advised.

Sperm has a long development time, around 100 days, it is advisable to plan treatment quite a few months ahead.


For more information on male fertility from the British Acupuncture Council website please click here.



Acupuncture is usually started 2-3 months before your IVF cycle starts, this gives us plenty of time to prepare your body for the medications, retrieval of eggs and embryo transfer. However treatment can be started at any point during your journey.

Acupuncture is used to support your IVF/ICSI treatment, encourage blood flow, help you de-stress and remain calm through the cycle.

Studies have shown that acupuncture can help encourage blood flow to the uterus, encourage optimum endometrial lining and help to combat side effects from medication.

For more information on acupuncture and ART from the British Acupuncture Council please click here.


Menstrual Cycle & Period Pain

You do not need to be thinking about pregnancy to have treatment to encourage a regular and less painful period, periods do not have to be really heavy, painful and all over the place every month.

Treatments may help to regulate your cycle, reduce pain, flow, breast tenderness and any PMT symptoms you maybe experiencing.

Any treatment for your cycle can take about 2-3 months to take effect, as you can only notice the symptom changes once a month.

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