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Weight loss

This is such huge topic and always causes debate, with so many dieting options out there it can be totally confusing. I spent the Day in York last week attending a weight loss seminar from a functional medicine point of view. Most of you reading this will be think what on earth is functional medicine. In its simplest form its individual tailored nutrition and supplementation programmes. By taking case history of your symptoms this gives the practitioner clues as to which hormones systems are struggling and how they are effecting the body. A lifestyle plan is then recommended with supplements to support your body to restore itself to a more balanced state.

So what does this have to do with weight loss ? Well if someone is stressed and not sleeping well i can guarantee they will be eating a lot more calories than they need and will be making food choices that make them feel better temporarily but in the long run could damage the body. Extra fat cells increase inflammation in the body they release inflammatory chemicals similar to the ones which are released when we injure a muscle or break a bone. That means that our body is trying to repair that inflammation and we depleting the energy resources we do have so is it any wonder that someone who is tired all them time and has a highly stressful job will find it hard to loose weight ? No not really.

Personally I think there is too much one size fits all diet and meal plans out there that say do this and you will loose weight but it simply isn't that straight forward as our physiology is different from one person to the next. I prefer the approach where we asses where an individual is and what pressures they have in their life and then slowly start to look for areas where we can improve the relationship with food, introduce gradual exercise and advise about which diet would suit that persons daily needs best and advise on supplementation to help their body through this process. This in my opinion will lead to much longer term change.

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