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Why Choose Osteopathy?

With so many different therapies out there it can be daunting to know where to go for a treatment when you are suffering from any pain or injury. For a lot of people the first port of call is the GP but many of my patients say to me I don't like taking pills. I have been in practice for 10 years now and over the years I have seen osteopathy's place in the healthcare system change vastly, when I first graduated Osteopathy was still very much an alternative therapy but now I feel it is much more a complimentary therapy that works very well alongside other medical treatments.

An Osteopath differs from a physiotherapist and Chiropractor in that they will not only treat your injury they will address the cause of the injury and look at you and your body as a whole. Our 4 years of osteopathic and medical training has taught us to look at the body's structure and function, which in a nutshell means looking at whats working and whats not and what part of those things are causing pain, discomfort and or injury. Treatment is not just one thing yes the techniques we use rapidly help the body to heal but specific exercise prescription, lifestyle changes and dietary changes or supplementation will maintain long term change and reduce the likelihood of injury re occurring.

So why should you choose Osteopathy then? Well if you want a well rounded treatment approach that looks at the bigger picture then Osteopathy is right for you. I personally have always had a huge interest in the benefits of exercise and diet and the knowledge I have gathered over the years is something I am always happy to pass onto my patients. I think more now than ever we all lead such busy lives and have numerous pressures, be that work, family, financial or social issues that we all need a little re balancing from time to time and that is something that osteopathy does incredibly well.

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